Request: How to Get Doodle Jump "Infinite Rocket" as Seen in my Video


Doodle Jump V1.21
Jailbroken Apple Device
SSH Client (iFunbox)
Itunes Installed

How to do it :
Plug in Your device to the Computer
Transfer Into Installous Plugin in iFunbox
Unplug USB
Go into Installous and click Downloads
Click Install on the Doodle Jump Rocket Hack.ipa

"Its Pre Patched for Noob Users"

Q: Can I send my High scores in?
A: Yes, Don't be a douche

Q: Will they catch me?
A: Very Slim Chance

Q: Is this Illegal?
A: If you did not purchase Doodle Jump in some ways Yes. But Jailbreaking is LEGAL

Need Help?
Email me at

Requested by: Mike F.

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