PSP 6.20TN-D Released: CFW for All Models

Changelog Homebrew Enabler 6.20TN-D:

- Added application icon (thanks to PhysXPSP).
- Added support for the motion-controller TiltFX and Action Replay cheat-device (Thanks to Hackman).
- Ability to translate the TN-VSH menu.
- Ability to use character sets (fonts) customized for the TN-VSH menu.
- Fixed a bug related to the protection of flash0.
- Fixed compatibility with Memory Stick-32gb.
- Fixed a bug that was crashing the PSP if you manually put on stand-by when he opened the TN-VSH menu.
- Increased the size to 51 MB maximum memory used by the system.
- Added full support for official and unofficial PSone games (PSN / converted).
- To avoid the system crash due to pops.prx the ICON0. PSX eboot of PNG will be replaced with a custom one (thanks to PhysXPSP) if he is not of size 80x80.
- Added file creation KEYS.BIN (ability to share PSN games).
- Can use for PSPgo the "resume" unofficial PSone games.
- Added support for plugins for the PSone games.

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