The "Unofficial" PSP Signed Homebrew List

These have been tested to work on Half Byte Loader, Homebrew Enablers (HEN), Custom Firmware, and Also Official Firmware. Tested Using a PSP Slim 2001 OFW 6.37

If you Experience problems send me a email at and ill be sure to reply.
Please Report Broken Links

Updated: April 1st.
Added 4 More.

Homebrew Games

Battle Arena V0.52

Battlegrounds 3

Boxhead <==== Download

Crazy Gravity V1.1


FreeDink: Dink Smallwood  <=== Download

JellyCar V1.1<=== Download

Light Cycle 3D

Lord Runner V1.02 <=== Download

Mobile Assault V1.6

Nazi Zombie: Portable Alpha V1.2 <=== Download


Rubix's Cube V2.5 <==== Download

Wagic V0.14.1

Wolfenstein 3D V6.0

Homebrew Applications

Adhoc File Transfer V0.7

Any Language Study V0.5

PScrypter V2.0

QMixer V1.2

PSN Games

Failed Due to Lack of PRX Build:
CSPSP V1.82/V1.72
PrBoom (Any Version)
Cube Runner
PSP Revolution
PSP Legacy
Swarm V2.0
Frankie's Quest V0.3

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