PSP Snes9x Euphoria R5 Beta 3: SNES Emulator

Its been a few months now since R4′s release, but Zack is now back with another update to his SNES emulator. Just check the list below, there is a huge amount of fixes and speed increases in this latest release. We recommend you give this one a go if your into your SNES emulation .
New Features & Fixes since the last public release (which was R4) :
[*] Fixed control/input issue from Beta 2.
[*] Small code optimizations.
[+] Other minor changes.
[+] Rom loading time decreased (ie games boot faster)
[*] Reverted Background back to R4 (ie no neoflash)
[*] Corrected tons of incorrect assumptions I made that affected graphical quality without gaining anything in return.
[+] Improved Math implementation (small speedup)
[+] Tons of code optimization (small speedup)
[*] More stability – Seems to be a lot more stable
[+] Mario All Stars Works Again.
For games that have graphical glitches ingame (when using the FAST renderer) that make them unplayable such as (mario kart) ..
I recommend the following settings :
Render : Fast + Accur.
Frameskip 3
Sound (11025) although having it at 44000 doesn’t seem to affect speed much or at all.
Speed differences in games with R5 Beta 3 compared with R4 (from reports & my own testing) :
Chrono Trigger : Runs at 60fps with frameskip 0
Kirby’s Superstar : Runs at 48>56fps (generally at 50fps) with frameskip 3
Mario RPG : Runs at 60fps with frameskip 0.
Final Fantasy Games seem to run at a constant 60fps with frameskip 1
All Donkey Kong Games : 60fps with frameskip 1>2
Mortal Kombat 1>3 60fps
Secret Of Mana 60fps
Super Metriod 60fps framekip 2 (use Fast + Approx renderer)

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