PSP aLoader V2 Beta for 6.20TN

Note Total_Noob decision not to introduce the function of ISO Loader in his HEN 6.20 TN has led several coder to remedy the situation in various ways. Among them is the coder who dared release the Beta 2 version of its aLoader, plugin through which you can start the backup in ISO format directly from XMB. At the time the ISO is the only supported.
Following more

Change log, download and install:


.: Changelog:.
- Supported ICON0, icon1, PIC0, etc.
- Overcome the limitation of 31 characters in the ISO file name
- The extension is supported. Iso. ISO (no longer case sensitive)
- Does not support the file CSO

. Installation:.
1. Download the archive to view news and unpack in the root of the Memory Stick
2. In the seplugins folder to edit (or create if not present) and files vsh.txt game.txt adding the following strings (only partly in bold):
ms0: / seplugins / aloader_vsh.prx 1 in file vsh.txt
ms0: / seplugins / aloader_game.prx 1 in file game.txt
(Replace "ms0" with "EF0" in case of PSP Go!)
3. Select Restart from VSH VSH

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