PSP 6.35 CFW V9 for Slim 2000: Added NP9660 ISO Driver

This Custom Firmware 6.35 is only for PSP-2000 model’s that can use pandora batteries. If you use this on a ta88+, PSP-3000 or PSP GO you will brick your system!
Update#3: Version 9 is out, now adds the NP9660 ISO Driver.
Update#2: Version 8 is now out. Download below:
– Fix DigitalComic crach.
– Fix cursor when use skiplogo option.
– Fix ciso icon loader.
– Unlock avc video(480×272).
– Update system patch to allow syscall from kernel_mode.
Update: Neur0n has released version 7 with has Fixed the NidResolver’s bug.
Neur0n has updated his PSP-2000 Custom Firmware 6.35 to v6, this new update adds a VSH Menu and Recovery menu. If you hold R shoulder button on boot, it will launch the recovery menu. Just like the M33 and GEN Custom Firmwares.
Remember this is only for PSP-2000′s that can use Pandora batteries if bricked. Use this Custom Firmware at your own risk!
CFW 6.35 beta v6 for PSP2000 by neur0n
–What is this?–
This is CFW work on PSP2000.
this CFW is beta version.
you shouldn’t use this tool ,if you donft have a pandora battery handy.
This will only work on hackable psp 2000 models. other model is not supported.
–How to Install–
1. install OFW6.35 in your PSP.
2. Install 6.35PRO in your PSP.
3. Run this tool on 6.35PRO
You can install this from 6.35Custom v2 ,v3, v4 and v5 too.
Hold R trigger and turn on the psp, you can enter recovery menu.
Hold Home button and turn on the psp, you can Boot OFW !!!!!!!
– For Developers –
vshmenu_src is vshmenu’s source.
If you have a Programming skill,you can create original vshmenu!
If you create satelite.prx , put it in ms0:/seplugins/satelite.prx .
It would be loaded priority than flash0.
– Update Nid Resolver.
– Update Recovery Menu.
– Added vshmenu.
v5 -fix
– fix bug when run official UMD/PSN Games.
– Update Nid Resolver. Now you can use PSPLink!
– Update Recovery Menu
– Update Nid resolver. Now you can use Prometheus ISO loader!
v3 -fix
– fix config save functin
– Add recovery menu and bit of config.
– Update Nid resolver. Now you can use CXMB plugin !

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