PS3 SNES9x Build 4.4.6 for CFW 3.55 Any

Squarepusher's Changelog:

* HD version and Normal version merged into one - there are now HD shaders that do the same as the previous HD version. * HD shaders (which upscale the resolution to 512x448) instead of hacked HD version. '4xSoft-HD' is currently the best out of the HD shaders - more to come. * The HD version in version 4.4.5 ran in interlaced mode - with the HD shaders, you can run in either progressive or interlaced mode.

* Fixed PAL50/PAL60 automatic activation in 576i/p mode.

* Fixed Rise Of The Robots interlacing issues - other games which use interlaced mode also corrected.

* Fixed Multiplayer controls - only player 1 worked.

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