PS3 Multiman V1.15.02: FTP Improvements

Today, comes a major improvement to the FTP side of things in multiMAN, with the release of the new version 1.15.02. Your transfer speed is sure to increase and connection stability should improve, with features like multiple simultaneous FTP connections from different PC's/clients and multiple simultaneous file-transfers (within session or between clients. New game covers & themes were added to the MEGA.pkg as well. Thanks again Dean!!

* It is required that you have a Blu-ray Disk in the drive at all times, if you can, and "Non-Modified" game files. Disk-less compatibility can vary! Make sure you restart your system anytime an Lv2 application has been used (GAIA/Lv2 V6) before starting multiMAN v1.14.0+

* multiMAN v1.15.02 is a stand-alone installation, no prior installs required. If you have never installed multiMAN, use the v1.15.02 Mega Pack to get all the extra's (covers & themes) installed, otherwise use the v1.15.02 base package

* multiMAN v1.14.0+ should not require you to run Lv2 v/any! Do not run before multiman! You should only need Lv2 for Fix Permissions. I would restart the system after running Lv2 then run multiMAN.

* Delete prior versions before installing v1.14.0+.

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