OpenPandora: HotFix 5 RC 1

HotFix 5 is finally nearing completion. It's pretty stable already, so we got out of the Beta-
Status and into RC 1. It's not the final one yet and might have some bugs left, but it should run mostly without
issues. The final release will only add bugfixes and no new features. It's still not in PND-form, so flashing this puts your Pandora back to the state you got it. Be sure to backup anything you put on the internal
storage if you need it. I'll work on making a PND-HF5-Installer for the final release. Here are the changes that happened from Beta 4 to RC1:
* Added codepages (they had been removed when AbiWord has been removed). This prevented some apps like XBMC from starting.
* Removed the community backdrops to make the image size smaller.
* Added xdotool, a pretty useful and versatile app for mapping GUI functions to the keyboard
* Added Pandora Input Tester to the System- Menu
* Input Tester: Show keys that have been pressed
* libpnd: Increased the number of apps that can be defined in a PND from 20 to 50
* op_menu: specify field width for longer usernames (this fixes the non-working Pandora-Menu button in XFCE for some users)
 * Low Power Mode: Now using cpu-speed- script to properly set the CPU Speed back
* MiniMenu: Some bug fixes (Keyboard- Shortcut wasn't working, crashed with wrong categories), etc.
* MiniMenu: Added Subcategory-folders in the
Main Category
* MiniMenu: Added OVR-Editor
* MiniMenu: Added the possibility to add
custom categories / subcategories (otherwise, the Freedesktop-Standard is used) As you can see, there are a LOT of good new
things happening with MiniMenu, thanks a lot
to skeezix for this! MiniMenu now supports subcategories as
folders. On the main tab, only the main
categories are shown. The grid shows ALL
programs in that category as well as all
available subcategories as folders. You can go
into the folder to only view the programs within that subcategory. If you have an program selected, you can press
SPACE to open an OVR editor. You can
change the category / subcategory as well as
the name or CPU speed.
You can also hide an app if you want.

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