Dingoo GameBatte: Gameboy/Gameboy Color Emulator for Dingux

Another GB/GBC has been released for DINGUX. Thanks to www.dingoobr.com for the news.

NOTE: this is a google translation

Dingueiros Comrades,

Mizuki Ray threw for the Dingux the port Emulator Gambatte . This emulator emulates the late games handheld console Game Boy , Nintendo.

Below are the commands in the emulator:

Directional - Directional Game Boy
A - A button on the Game Boy
Y - B Button on the Game Boy
X - Save the running game on a slot
A - Speed up the game (still does not work very well)
Select - Select button on the Game Boy
Start - Start Button on the Game Boy
L - Saves the current position of the game
R - Load the saved game position
Select + Start - Exits the emulator

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