X3Max 2GB ships and Masterkey Announced

First, the Google translation about Masterkey via Logic-Sunrise:

After many setbacks, and still nothing concrete, Team Unveils X3 listing is: we have the masterkey for the PS3. Mathieulh Masterkey had earlier unveiled the PS3′s USB, but Masterkey console would be in the hands of the creators of X3max. Getting the PS3 Masterkey would result from the full opening of the console, be it for firmware 3.50 and further.

That would explain many things: Why they are slow to release their 3.5 jailbreak, and why the team is as confident as could be shown in their news today on the official website of the team. However, the PS3 is unreal scene once more. We strive to news provided by the X3 team, but we remain vigilant as to their veracity, as Mathieulh has provided a fake video of GT5 being run on firmware 3.50, everything is still fakeable.

It is difficult for us not to take sides (what was already a little too done): On one side a team that looks serious, with a dongle quality, and on another side great scene actors that contradic . Advance information of such importance without being true, would result in a significant loss of sales of their industry, or general interrogation that exists within the scene PS3. Opinions were extremely divided, we first.

We therefore remain cautious once again with this incredible news, without seeing any confirmation: Everyone therefore expect the team turning the X3 for the days to come. Anyway, fake or not, soon we’ll know in a formal way, we news, with somewhat less enthusiasm than the first ad. Anyway, keep your comments courteous in the arguments, the debate could be very constructive: it would avoid to see the topic lock.

For all buyers of X3max dongle who did buy that 3.50 for the jailbreak of the PS3, the store you repay on demand, of course, even if all 7 days have passed (even 20, they’re crazy!), we prefer that you are happy with your purchases. its LS main goal. Wait a bit anyway, time to know definitively if it’s info, or intoxication.
This is what InsideX3 has to say:
Earlier today it was reported that our group discovered the MasterKey – InsideX3 has confirm this! The video released last week was done prematurely and out of excitement. Many of you are pushing for us release our 3.5 solution understandably so. I completely understand the logic that once released it’ll be cloned and truthfully that’s inevitable. At the same time we must do our best to prevent, or at least delay that from happening.

The intent of this post is not to continue the discussion of our 3.5 solution but to announce the launch of the X3Max V2GB. A 2GB MicroSD is now included and some minor alterations have been made to the retail packaging, pictures can be seen below. Our production run was finished last week and the X3Max V2GB is now in transit to all resellers.

The X3Max V2GB will be offered as a standalone kit with a RRP of $35 USD, or with the X3Switch included for $40.

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