The White IPhone 4 will be available Spring 2011

The illusive white iPhone 4 was first delayed back on the launch day when it was pushed to July, the second one was in July when it was delayed till “until later this year”. And then recently, Apple delayed it again until spring 2011 before removing it altogether from their online Apple Store site.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs poses with the white iPhone 4 during the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, California June 7, 2010.

Light-leakage was tipped as the number reason behind all these delays.

When the white iPhone 4 takes a photograph, the semi-translucent glass cases leaks extra light into the camera which absolutely ruins photographs. Cult of Mac’s source said, “You don’t get accurate pictures on the white iPhone because of the color of the glass back. It washes out the pictures”. The source also said that Apple might have to do a complete redesign of the white iPhone 4 to deal with the light leaks.

But now, 9to5Mac has a shot of some new signage in Apple Stores which states that: “The white iPhone will be available Spring 2011”.

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