Upcoming Update on TinyUmbrella: Restore without Itunes

A few days ago, the official blog of TinyUmbrella, published an article pretty interesting. The developer of the application Tinyumberella (the utility that saves idevice ECID on Saurik servers and helps kick an idevice out of recovery mode and restore previous firmware versions with your saved shsh blobs). Well one more feature coming to this useful tool will allow you to restore a iDevice without the NEED FOR ITUNES!!!!

A recovery without the need for iTunes would also mean no more ECID controls, and the ability to downgrade to a previous firmware for all idevices, including those who do not have their shsh blobs stored on the Saurik server .

There is currently no release date yet as the holidays are nearing in, but will keep you updated as the days go by. Stay Tuned.

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