SHAtter Exploit Not to Be Leaked: Future Devices Saved

Previously we have reported that SHAtter jailbreak tool that can burn the exploit is expected to get leaked. The story goes like this: iPhone hacker and sn0wbreeze tool developer, iH8sn0w got the source code of SHAtter and handed it to iHaz3 who himself is not a member of any Dev team. According to some sources, iHaz3 started distributing SHAtter’s exploit that can burn the exploit.

The update on the story shows that it will not get leaked. After a short talk of Twitter, two senior members of Chronic Dec Team has brought peace and now it will not be published. The source code will be returned back to its original owners.

A Dutch developer has threatened to release the source code of the SHAtter exploit, depriving the jailbreak community of a valuable tool. After the developer of TwitPanic, @iHaz3, had his site brought down apparently by a DDOS attack, he threatened to release the SHAtter source as some kind of revenge, but has since held off on carrying out the threat for now.

For those who are unaware of SHAtter tool: At the time when iOS 4.1 was released, an iPhone hacker named pod2g developed SHAtter exploit by collaborating and taking help of p0sixninja who is Chronic Dev Team member. SHAtter was developed to jailbreak iOS 4.1 but GeoHot was released with Limer1n to jailbreak all iOS devices running iOS 4.1. SHAtter was preserved for next generation devices including iPhone 5 and iPad new version iPad

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