Saurik Creates CydiaSubstrate for Mac

Saurik has announced that he has created a new version of MobileSubstrate called 'CydiaSubstrate' that runs on both iOS and Mac OS X, ArsTechnica reports.

"Just like you can make all these modifications on the iPhone, you can make these same modifications on the desktop," Freeman said. "Until now, there has never been a way to easily install modifications to the system or third-party applications, as well as keep them updated."

"For instance, users that have jailbroken iPhones would like to have a modified version of iTunes that does not ask to update iOS when the device is plugged in, since the update might overwrite jailbreak modifications," Freeman said. "Or perhaps you want to change the frequency that TimeMachine performs backups to something other than the stock settings. CydiaSubstrate makes this possible in an easy way that average users could install and update them."

Saurik notes that Cydia for Mac will be more of a destination for OS X tweaks rather than applications.

"Like the iOS App Store, the Mac App Store sells apps, not system modifications. If apps are what you want to sell, Mac Cydia is not the way to do it."

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