PSP Daedalusx64 Alpha REV 613

The DaedalusX64 Team have been hard at work over the weekend and have posted their latest revision which is 613. This build features many tweaks and changes including: bypassing the firmware version check, audio cleans up and other code clean ups. Change logs are below.

DaedalusX64 Alpha Revision 613 changelog:
Revision 613
[!] We won’t branch if less than z in GBI1_BranchZ (Seems our z axis in inverted on the PSP)
[!] Speculative fix in a bad assumption I did in fillrect
[~] Is possible now to ignore firmware check
[-] Removed a change in 595 (not sure why this was added, doesn’t seem to work)
Revision 612
[~] Update Screen even earlier (Suggested by Corn)
[+] Pipelined MemoryUpdateSPStatus (Corn)
[!] Cleaned up our audio plugin, removed several left overs from adapt audio
[!] Fixed a couple of bugs in our audio plugin and simplified things abit
[+] Updated and enabled osSpTaskStartGo (This a really risky patch, please report if any game gets broken by oshle)
Revision 611
[!] Implement osAiGetLength correctly (I got confused with ReadLength documentation..)
[~] Disable loop opt for TWINE,Hercules,Blues Brothers (Fixes movement problems)
[+] Add correct savetype for Oozumou, Oozumou 2, Tamagotchi World 64 (They boot now)
Revision 610
[!] Make most HLEAudio routines static
[-] Removed unused code which is found by static analyzer
Revision 609
[-] Remove LoadPIF when booting ROM. We just simulate the boot process.
Revision 608
[!] Fixed bug from 588 that caused several games to stop working
[~] Simplified clean scene

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