PSP Daedalusx64 Alpha REV 611

Revision 611
[!] Implement osAiGetLength correctly (I got confused with ReadLength documentation..)
[~] Disable loop opt for TWINE,Hercules,Blues Brothers (Fixes movement problems)
[+] Add correct savetype for Oozumou, Oozumou 2, Tamagotchi World 64 (They boot now)
Revision 610
[!] Make most HLEAudio routines static
[-] Removed unused code which is found by static analyzer
Revision 609
[-] Remove LoadPIF when booting ROM. We just simulate the boot process.
Revision 608
[!] Fixed bug from 588 that caused several games to stop working
[~] Simplified clean scene
Revision 607
[+] Added zoom function to get rid of black bars (see Edit Preferences when loading a ROM around 107% usually works)
[!] Reorganized call in Dynarec for release mode
[!] Uses smaller buffers for audio (lags less but might be more choppy)
[!] Some optimazions in PSPrenderer (Salvy/Corn)

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