PS3USBJailbreak Downgrader Released

PS3USBJAILBREAK Downgrader released - Date: 12-08-2010

Downgrader for PS3SUBJailbreak has now released.
Please download our programming tools v1.2.8 to reflash.


1. Insert PS3USBJailbreak to PC
2. Run 1.2.8 updater
3. Click START.
4. Insert PS3USBJailbreak device that has been reprogrammed as downgrader into your console
5. Turn on the console using the same boot method as all other jailbreaks: Press power then immediately press eject. Your console will turn on.
6. Turn off system via menu
7. Remove PS3USBJailbreak dongle and turn on console to make sure you are in Factory Service Mode. You will see a huge red box on the screen saying Factory Service Mode.
8. Load any blank FAT32 USB flash drive device with 2 files in the root directory:
a. Modified 3.41 PUP
b. Lv2Diag.self (File 1)
9. These must be the only files on the USB key and must be placed in the main (root) directory.
10. Insert flash drive into the last USB port to the right — the first USB port in from the right side if you’re facing the console. Turn the PS3 on and you will see black screen but the PS3 HDD light will flash.
11. The process takes 3-4 minutes for the system to install the old firmware. Towards the end, the power button on the console will start flashing green and then your console will power off.
12. Remove the flash drive and turn on the console, you will still be in Factory Service Mode. Please verify you have downgraded successfully to version 3.41 by going to "System Information".
13. (Optional) – If you wish to downgrade to any older firmware you can follow step 4, 5, 6 using any regular firmware PUP. (You do not need to use modified custom firmware now that you are on 3.41).
14. Insert USB flash drive back into your PC and delete the PUP and Lv2Diag.self file (File 1) and copy the other Lv2Diag.self (File 2) to the root of the flash drive.
15. Insert USB flash drive back into the same USB port on the PS3 and power on your PS3. After 10 seconds it will power off.
16. Remove USB flash drive and turn on your console again. You will be out of factory service mode and back in retail mode with your chosen firmware version installed. You will need to go through setting up settings configuration.
Leaked modified 3.41 PUP and Lv2Diag.self files -

NOTE: Like all other downgrade methods, THIS WILL NOT WORK ON 3.55 FW, THIS WILL NOT ENABLE YOU TO PLAY GT5

Available at for $11.69 USD with coupon: TJOOS + free worldwide shipping

[via: Psx-scene]

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