PS3 Neo Race V0.2

I put together an updated version of Neo Race. It doesn’t have everything I wanted to get into it but I probably wont be working on PS3 stuff much until next month so I figured I would just post what I have done now.

There is some simple lighting now. You move a little faster. Some changes to the controls (the sixaxis steering has been left unchanged) have been made and there have been some other little things changed. There was going to be some old style full screen motion blur and zoom tied to your speed but it turned out being unusable slow on PS3 (which is odd considering how well it worked on my antiquated PC).

More importantly though I’ve added a track editor. Its far from done but it is incredibly easy to use so you can put together tracks very quickly and you can save whatever you make. You can only have one saved track at a time (there is no race track selection screen yet) but you can exit out of the editor and then play what you where working on without needing to save so you can play around with it without overwriting whatever you have saved.

If you want to get your saved track from of your PS3 (using a file manager or FTP client) and store it elsewhere or share it it’s the “track.txt” file located at “/dev_hdd0/game/NEOR66666/USRDIR/”. I would love to see anything you make.

I would really like to know what everyone would like to see done with the track editor. Are there any kinds of freely place able objects that you would like to have? Would you like to be able to control the width of the track? Do you like the way that each checkpoint in the track is automatically rotated (which makes it a lot less time consuming to lay out the track and have nice turns) or would you prefer to have control over their rotation? How do you feel about the buildings? Any input would be appreciated.

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