PS3 GenesisPlus Beta

A new Sega Genesis emulator has arrived on the PS3 today. The emulator GenesisPlus GX has been ported to PS3, courtesy of the same anonymous author as the ps3sx emulator. The emu supports 2 players, rom/zip support, and svp emulation.

Genesisplus GX on PS3 it's just for change my mind before i go back to ps3sx

put all folders so ./genplus ./genplus/roms ./genplus/bios ./genplus/state ./genplus/sram
on root of dev_usb000 so the first usb port on your right .

Support in this test version :
2 Players
roms support
Zip support
svp emulation for virtua racing and Co

Fixed the sound i've a mini glich look like the sound buffer size is too long ?!?
Fixe save states already work but freeze on some games so disabled

i'm using genesisplus GX from EkeEke go to google code for the source code:

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