PS3 Downgrade Kills Blu Ray Movie Playback

GaryOpa, admin of PSX-Scene, has discovered a somewhat major issue, regarding PS3 downgrading. He is reporting, that the ability to play blu-ray movies was lost, after downgrading his console. However, he was able to restore the feature, by replacing his entire dev_flash2 and dev_flash3, with files he had saved previously, while on 3.41 firmware. However, this does not help people already on 3.50 firmware, hoping to downgrade, or people who have already downgraded. Stay tuned, as we can only hope a fix will be found for the masses soon. In the meantime, do not downgrade if you wish to retain blu-ray movie playback.

Originally Posted by garyopa
Ok, we need to work on this Blu-Ray playback it is MAJOR PROBLEM!

I was able to restore one machine I had, by copying over all the files I had in the /dev_flash2 and /dev_flash3 back to the HDD, that I had saved before when it was on v3.41

But that does not help those that were on v3.50 factory fresh or with no previous full /dev_flash2 & 3 backup.

I not sure what file was that fixed the problem.

We need more machines, more tests.

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