PS3 Downgrade for TI-84/89 Calculator

Brandon, maker of the PS3 jailbreak, hasn't been sitting still lately. PS3JB for the TI-84 calculator now offers a new feature most of the dongles out there support by now.

It's now possible to downgrade your PS3 with your very own calculator!

You can now downgrade the PS3 by emulating the Sony official jig stick.
You can enable this in the options menu:

Quotes from his twitter:

# Achievement Unlocked: Downgrade PS3 via 89Ti. Releases coming as soon as I can get them thrown together...
# Achievement Unlocked: Downgrade PS3 via 84+/SE. Hopefully the 89Ti will go quicker...
PS3JB - PS3 Jailbreak for TI-84 Plus/Silver Edition and PS3JB89 - PS3 Jailbreak for TI-89 Titanium
PS3 downgrade functionality added (v3.50 and below). Enjoy.
I added the files for both the 84 and the 89.

NOTE: This is not a payload for his old app, it's an updated app, so uninstall your old app and install this one!

Check it out at PS3JB - PS3 Jailbreak for TI-84 Plus/Silver Edition

short tutorial for TI 84 untill remainnameless finishes his step by step one:

1) download the new app
2) send new app to your calc
3) goto options and set the payload to none and "emulate jig" to yes
4) install the hook or use option 1: jaibreak
5) jailbreak like normal: power and eject buttons
6) ps3 will blink a bit and shutdown again
7) remove calculator, it is no longer needed

--from this point on, everything is the same as with all other devices--

8) turn on ps3 and confirm you are in factory mode (big red box)
9) download DGF.rar, you will find it somewhere here, just look for any downgrade thread, they all have it
10) put the file 1 self file on an empty usb-stick, aswell as the modified 3.41 pup
11) plug in the most right usb slot and start ps3 (normal, not jailbroken)
12) after about 3 minutes it should power off
13) remove usb and boot normally to see if downgrade was succesfull
14) put the file 2 self file on the usb stick (remove the file 1 and the pup)
15) plug in usb stick and boot ps3
16) remove usb and start ps3
17) enjoy

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