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Michael had another conference call with the board production company in Texas and we got some news.

* The remaining LCD Cables should ship to me next week. I'll need a few days to solder the speakers onto them (and will probably setup a webcam). The cables for half of all units are already in UK, so I'm not that much in a hurry here.
* They told us they are still in schedule even though the nubs have been delayed (they had been planned to be there two weeks ago). They mentioned they hired more people to do labor once the nubs arrive to speed that up. They will finish all the boards as planned even though the nubs are not there yet (so we should have 3000 boards without nubs but fully tested in 1,5 weeks).
* The parts for Batch 2 are ready except for the RAM chip which is a bit hard to get. It should be there when Batch 1 has been finished though.
* 90 - 95% of the boards are finished already. Very few failed testing and need to be redone, that does sound good.

Well, we heard similar things quite a few times from them. However, there is one difference:
They will give Trey (that's one from the community here, living right around the corner) a tour on Friday. Trey has yet to confirm that he has time to visit them, but they probably won't lie to us about finished boards and invite someone to check the numbers a few days later.
We'll hope Trey will have the chance to make some nice pictures of thousands of boards on Friday!

About the nubs:
2000 are on the way to Texas and will arrive on Friday / Monday.
The rest are waiting for the PCBs. We hope to get a schedule for them soon.
That means: 1150 fully tested, Pandora PCBs with nubs should ship soon to UK!

So, next important day for more news would be Friday.

[via: OpenPandora]

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