iPA God going Open Source Once Hitting 5K followers

What is iPA God?
iPA God is an app that lets you download cracked iPA’s on a non jailbroken device.

What firmware does iPA God work on?
iPA God works on iOS 4.0 – iOS 4.2.1+

Whats the advantage over jailbreaking?
None really, this just allows people who upgraded to 4.2.1+ have the chance to get cracked apps.

Why are you supporting piracy?
I don’t support it, but I’m giving the people what they want.

Is this your app?
No, I did not make it, ipodtouchdude from iModZone made it.

When will this be released?
Once @iPAGod gets 5,000 followers
How much will this app cost?

Where can I get it once its out?
iPA God Twitter: http://twitter.com/ipagod

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