Fix for your Halted PS3 Caused by E3 Card Reader

"Recently, some players report that after jail-breaking, if the E3card Reader removed and re-plugged in ps3 again, the system will be halted. After look deep into the issue, we find that not only PS3 but also other Sony products have the same issue that failed to handle those devices which with multiple mass-storage devices attached and removed at the same time."

"So, E3DIY releases a new firmware to walk-around. You can upgrade your E3card Reader follow the instructions listed below:

1. Plug the E3card Reader in your PC USB port and wait for the removable driver E3Upgrader
2. Copy the ResetToKernel.bin to the E3Upgrader, wait until the E3Upgrader disappeared.
3. Wait for a removable driver named Kernelboot, and then copy the "e3fix usb freeze.bin" to this driver.
4: After doing these, you can copy other normal function files such as the one used to downgrading or those used to jail-breaking or the one used to protect your TF card, or other application in the future.
You can download the upgrading package from here."

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