Cydia: Music Controls Pro

Phoenixdev has just launched an update to the popular Music controls App, now its called Music controls Pro! Many new features has been added, Its available in Cydia for $5.99 with a 5-day full trial!

Features :

* Video Backgrounding : Videos keep playing in background when you press the home button.
* Remote Server : Use remote from another device to control you music apps.
* Revamped : Multiple music apps can be open, and swipe controls are usable with natively supported apps.
* SB-Settings toggles : for the remote server and swiped.
* Dock metadata : Shows whats playing on your car stereo or speaker system!
* Expanded app support :

Multitask while listening to your favorite music applications!

Music Controls Pro adds backgrounding and system integration into many popular music applications, and gives you many ways to interact with your music:

* Task Controls (4.x)
* Lockscreen controls
* Lockscreen swipe gestures
* Swipe gestures while the display is off
* Headset controls
* Bluetooth controls (3.1-4.x)
* Statusbar controls (3.x)
* Popup controls (3.x)
* Statusbar info (4.x)
* Remote server
* Dock controls (4.x)

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