Appstore Review: Max Adventure

Rating:  ★★★ out of 5
Application Description:
 The best action adventure dual stick shooter on the App Store! Limited time introductory price - grab it now before it goes up!
Earth has been invaded.

All the adults have been captured.

The fate of the planet depends on you.

Can you save the world?

Battle the alien horde, navigate through maze-like neighborhoods, save your friends, and send the aliens back where they came from. And maybe even answer your burning questions. What are these aliens doing here? Will a colander keep your thoughts safe? Why is the alien overlord always wearing a tie? And what in the world do they want with your parents?

Let’s hope your years of fighting imaginary enemies in your backyard have prepared you for Armageddon!


Story mode with hours of gameplay, taking you from the suburbs to farmland to the alien mother ship as Max searches for his parents
Survival mode for endless adventure
Huge levels to explore with many hidden areas
Varied mission types - battle off the aliens, save your friends, lead your friends to safety, fight mega bosses, explore mazes, and more!
Tons of enemy types to battle
Collect money to upgrade your weapons and skills
Game Center high scores and achievements
Retina Display support
Universal iPad and iPhone support
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
Requires iOS 3.0 or later

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