What Would You Like to Be Brought to the PS3?

I have been thinking about if I had the power to make/get/port/have someone make the next greatest (Homebrew App/Game/Emulator/Game Mods/Game Hacks/Non Sony Code item) What would it be?
Sony had removed the OtherOS feature and PSN from CFW users now if you could have any homebrew come to the PS3 for CFW What would you choice?

I clearly would choose between:

1) OtherOs Install Access other than BootOS: With PS3 Bluetooth Controller support for controlling the Mouse and onscreen Keyboard popup menu.
2) N64 Emulator: I saw some Videos of this. No Release
3) VSH Menu similar to the PSP to Suspend/Reboot/Shutdown/Change CPU  by pressing select and using the arrow keys.
4) PSN Spoofer for Retail available to CFW users and access to my main account. I know this is what most users are waiting for: Im not to concerned about this I've been using SP-INT for awhile with Server Mapper.
5) Dreamcast Emulator: I never had a dreamcast and I would love to give it a chance
6) Torrent Downloader Application: I like torrent. I like using them for getting old movies. An application to download torrents and watch them seems like a good idea.

So if you could choose the next greatest project you want to see brought to the PS3 scene leave a comment with your idea :] You can either sign in or comment as a guest. Please no ridiculous ideas (Ex: Nintendo DS Emulator/PSP Emulator) because they are never going to happen.

Ill add your name to the list with your idea :]

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