PSP PSPInstaller V5.30: Installs Homebrew, Themes and Plugins

A new version of homebrew dev spike_132000's PSPInstaller, a Cydia-like app that allows you to easily install homebrews, themes and plugins, is now out and ready for download.


Version 5.30:
Changed image loading system on startup
Now sets correct mode when download only is used
update the update.lua file when it needs to be.
should now be able to exit from home button

version 5.29:
Fixed changing values of update information

version 5.28:
Added Settings Menu, Allows memory device selection and Junk Removal toggle
Added update check for unneeded files on startup
Fixed not being able to select Download Only on featured applications
Minor UI Fixes here and there.
New Eboot size (From 5MB to 952Kb)

version 5.27
Fixed positioning of featured apps

version 5.26
Fixed some UI errors

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