PSP PRXShot V0.2.3: Screenshot Plugin

[Image: prxshotv220010901e00110.jpg]
codestation has updated has updated his Screenshot PRX Plugin to Version 0.2.3!

This is a screenshot plugin that doesn't need to pause the game to take the capture (useful for avoid lag disconnects on online/adhoc gaming) and classifies the images per game using their name and icons (just like the very few games that come with native screenshot support).

Install it like a normal plugin and activate it with NOTE.

- Added support for eLoader (1.50 eboot loader)
- Recreate the XMB folder if is deleted.
- Fixed nasty bug that causes a crash when taking very early screenshots
(Note that ewe can't take screenshots on loaders because the game isn't
loaded yet, a special folder is gonna be added for this in the future)
- Added option XMBClearCache to the prxshot.ini. While this updates the picture
directory when taking screenshots in the XMB i recommend that is better
to leave it disabled because it causes troubles with game categories.
- Added more debug messages.

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