PSP Custom Firmware Extender for 6.xx

[Image: 20110417101.jpg]

* Updated RemoteJoy (now works on kernel 6.XX).
* Updated MP3 Player (MP3 Añadidso plugin modules).


* Change the speed of the CPU / FSB from the XMB, UMD and ISO.
* Change the brightness of the screen.
* Take screenshots in the XMB, UMD and isos.
* Turn the USB from the XMB, UMD or ISO.
* Play with your ISO, UMD and homebrew on the PC screen by remotjoy.
* Load homebrew and ISO via USB.
* Play your music in mp3, at3, oma, omg and aac (must be in the / music)
* Reboot and Shutdown Fast psp.
* Change the volume of each audio channel of the PSP.
* Show information about memory psp.
* Enable the usb from the psp on, by modifying the cfe.config (not recommended)
* Select a speed of CPU / BUS from power through cfe.config
* Select a brightness level from power through cfe.config
Features * Time Machine, the CFE can restart any firmware compatible with TM as long as they have set time machine, so it automatically detects CFE.

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