PS3 Netflix Rebug

By using the this tutorial you may be putting your PS3 at risk in resulting in a Ban from PSN and Dev PSN networks. I am i no way promoting the use of piracy or the abuse of the Dev PSN. That being said.

First off there are a few things you are going to need to get your PS3 set up and running.
Rebug CFW
Modded Netflix for use with Rebug
And of coarse a Netflix account

Once you have the needed software you are going to want to install the Rebug CFW on your PS3. I will not go into that so I recommend you read the information on the Rebug site on the installation and use of Rebug CFW.
Once you have Rebug installed and the Rebug Selector included in Rebug you will need to install the modded Netflix on you PS3. If you have Netflix already installed on your PS3 you must un-install it first. The modded Netflix is Netflix v2.01 with edited SFO file to v2.02 and updated icon and background and repack was done by myself. Hope you like it.

Once that is done launch Rebug Selector from the XMB. Once the on the Rebug Selector screen you are going to want to press L1+O to enable Rebug mode. Then exit and your PS3 will reboot. Now go to system settings in the XMB and go to NP Environment. And change the default network from NA to prod-qa or sp-int. Now restart your PS3.
Once you have rebooted, you will need to create a PSN account. Under PSN category go to Quick sign up and create a new account.
Last thing now to do is start up Netflix from The XMB and sign into Netflix. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.


Want to say thanks to Lenskip for testing the package files for me and the use of his Netflix account.

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