PS3 Media Server v1.21.0 Released for Windows/Linux

Support new devices: Android, Nokia N900
Improved support for XBMC
Support MKV header compression in most MKV files (less "data corrupted" errors)
VOBsub subtitles are now supported on Windows
Multithreaded MEncoder works on more things now
Bandwidth optimisations
New Help tab
More file sorting options
Improve error logging
Buffer reports more accurately
Properly support MEncoder multithreading on newer CPUs
Updated MEncoder and FFMPEG
Processes ended properly on Linux
Many images added and updated in the program and Windows installer
Support thumbnails for other aspect ratios than 16:9
Support double-NTSC framerates
Added DVD & VOBsub subtitle quality option for MEncoder (AKA subtitle anti-aliasing support)
Many language fixes and improvements
Config files are saved in AppData on Windows now instead of the install directory
Folder names containing commas are now handled correctly when loading settings on startup (thanks, Targeter)
GameTrailers support fixed
WEB.conf parsed properly now
iTunes library loads much faster
Newer version of JRE is automatically downloaded for users who don't have it
Window size tweaked to support lower resolutions better
Internal scrollbars added for when content overflows
Improved audio parsing
Updated many dependencies
Fixed DVR-MS support
Fixed LPCM audio streaming
Improved support for plugins
Improved support for VLC Media Player
Fixed many minor bugs



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