EvilSperm from Team Rebug Talks About PSN On CFW 3.55

Quote (EvilSperm):
For the people asking if this will enable retail PSN, it will not so don’t ask again
People are working on retail PSN support but we will not be. I feel as many others that CFW and PSN should not be mixed what so ever. You do however have access to the sp-int and prod-qa networks but for how long no one knows. Some games will work on those networks as long as others are on them as well, so if there are a few thousand people using rebug on sp-int and all playing the same game you just might be able to play each other but this is no guarantee. I can tell you 100% without a doubt that everyone will abuse the sp-int network and $ony will patch it within a week, it will also really piss off the people with TEST units they got from other channels because then they will be **** out of luck trying to get on those networks, so PLEASE do not abuse sp-int!

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