PSP aLoader V1.21 Beta Released

Apparently aLoader is the way to be loading your PSP ISOs on 6.20 TN. So, here it is: aLoader v1.21 BETA from ardi. The package you’re about to download contains aLoader 1.20 (non-beta) and the 1.21 BETA update.

The two files in the update rar — see aLoader-1.21ß-update.rar — are to be copied to the seplugins/aLoader directory, overwriting the original aloader_vsh.prx; aLoader.pbp remains as is (I think). If you experience problems with the beta, I suggest you revert back to version 1.20.

aLoader is compatible with Game Categories Light, which is a bonus. You should also take a look at “_aloader.conf” to adjust any configuration parameters if needed.

To install: Add the appropriate line to vsh.txt:

ms0:/seplugins/aLoader/aloader_vsh.prx 1

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