PS3 DragonFTP V0.10: New FTP Server

A new FTP server hits the scene today, DragonFTP 0.10, released by darkhacker. The new server is coded with the legal PSL1GHT SDK and is based off of OpenFTP. It features a screensaver after 60 seconds, to avoid tv burn in. The app also utilizes darkhacker's private library which he is working on. Expect more features in future releases.

1 – Main menu

DragonFTP Server 0.10 Beta release

made with Legal SDK Psl1ght

this application is still very early in development but i think it ready for a release and for the public to enjoy i hope everyone enjoys this application and media please link back to this site and to download when you post on your website thank you.

if you want donate so i can have more time to spend on my projects for the public you may below anything helps thank you


ftp server code based off of OpenPS3FTP ( with minor improvements by me ) – will release source for this when app 100% done
default screen saver – after sixty seconds the screen saver will load with a dim to it
changeable options screen
default account :
username : root
password : password

Download Here

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