PS3 CVOS V3.1 Beta: Recover Your Bricked Console

If you've had the misfortune of bricking your PS3 console, either with waninkoko's original custom firmware or by other means, an app has arrived that will revive your bricked console. CVOS v3.1 will analyze and correct your flawed firmware and bring your console back to life. Unfortunately this is only for the technical minded, as it requires the installation and use of a NAND reader.


- Check and analyze the dump correcting the flaws that have this and thus repairing the internal firmware of our PS3.
- It can extract the various files that make up the core of our PS3 (read lv2_kernel.self, eurusfw.bin, etc …).
- Lets look at both full NAND Dumps as desenciptados CORE_OS_PACKAGE.pkg packages provided to analyze your files.
- Finds and extracts the User Profile (EID, bootloaders, etc) the dump interlaced with the flow rebuilder.


- Full Dump and PS3 NAND memory reader, Version 3.55

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