Graf_Chokolo Updates PS3 Linux Kernel to V2.6

-Added new PS3 hv calls
-Added possibility to access more than one region of a PS3 storage device simultaneously
-Added new PS3 NOR and VFLASH block device drivers
-Added new PS3 RAM misc device driver that enables direct read/write -access to the whole RAM of PS3
-Added PS3 VUART 10 (Dispatcher Manager) support
-Added new PS3 Dispatcher Manager Proxy misc device driver
-Fixed return value in ps3ram_ioctl
To quote from Graf_Chokolo:

So guys, Linux 2.6 GIT repository for PS3 is online again
But i need your help. I wrote ps3dmproxy driver from my head. You have to test it please and report bugs to me.
Unleash your Linux on PS3 !!!
Later i will code a small program that will show you how to use ps3dmproxy driver. It’s very powerfull, now you have access to Update manager and Storage Manager e.g. on Linux. It means BD drive access guys.

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