DarkHacker Releases PS3 CPU Exploit

Darkhacker has released a new CPU exploit which he says he's been holding on to for some time. He states that it should get us one step closer to Metldr exploitation. Granted, geohot and others have already exploited Metldr. However, their methods remain closely guarded. This exploit is similar to geohot's hardware based, memory glitching exploit that was released early last year. However, this version allows clean access (nothing else running in memory) to lv2/memory and gameos. Please note this is strictly for the experienced PS3 dev. Also please note, this exploit was not discovered by Darkhacker, but is merely being released by him.

CPU Exploit - one step closer to METLDR this is a release of the hidden Cell Exploit found a while ago and one of the step taken to the metldr exploit im going to release the because i fell people should have the right to do as they wish and the information should be free to the public

i know by releasing this exploit ill probably be taken to court or sued but **** sony they can go to hell all i care for what there doing to us hackers ill fight until the last min i got of my life if i have to for the right of the people

for this exploit your going need a leaked service pdf (not posted on PSGroove.com files can be found at source link below)

time to explain this now listen up

i know you all remember the exploit with ram and so on back in 3.15
well your going look for the 'CELL RESET LINE' and that going be where the exploit is
you know how the small 60ms or ns i dont remember thing sent to ps3 for the read and write of the ram ?

well use line send that and connect it to the cell reset line. ( FIND IT IN DOC )
and ground on outside of case and the example of what can be done with this is a cold reset which still has acess to the memory from gameos - dont let this die out people im taking a big risk by giving you all this information

- thanks to mitchy my personal hard drive :P - note i did not upload the documents and if requested ill remove the links

Example of what can be done with this --
untouched memory on cold boot full access to lv2 and all game os memory

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