PSP VSH Meu Recovery & Flasher V1.5

Regardless of how bad it could leave the name implies, VSH Menu & Recovery Flasher developed by a coder Deutschland actually allows you to install on CF fixed GEN, and the old versions of m33 VSH menu and Recovery, and implements convenient features for creation of ISO UMD, Backup and Recovery existing VSH menu, change the version.txt a firmware update to the official.
E 'ruled out the installation of VSH and Recovery on non-hackable PSP stably (2000 TA-088v3, 3000 and Go!).
The 1.5 version of this homebrew, allows the use of Version.txt Faker also 6.20TN, through which you can replace files Version.txt.

.: Overview of functions.
- Recovery Menus: Allows you to install different versions of the Recovery Menu (not available on HEN)
- VSH Menus: Allows you to install several versions of VSH Menu (not available on HEN)
- Other Functions: to start broser the Internet, choose the version, create a backup dell'UMD quote
- Backup Menus: Create, delete and restore the backup of the Recovery menu and VSH.

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