PSP OpenIdea ISO Loader v0.2 Beta 4 for 6.20TN HEN

After a long time since the last release the encoder to update its back Dridri OpenIdea ISO Loader, developed an ISO Loader for 6.20 TN. Currently, this loader can load the backup is in ISO format and after prior conversion to EBOOT. Version v0.2 Beta 4 adds support for M2 and storage of driver selection for each game.
More to follow.

Changelog and install:


.: Changelog:.
v0.2 Beta 4
- Added support for M2 (not fully tested by the developer)
- Will be stored for every game the last driver with whom he was executed
- NP9660 and stand-by are fully compatible on CF 5.00m33

v0.2 Beta 3
- XMB boot faster
- Fixed the bug that crashed the PSP if present in a number of MS ISO.

. Installation:.
1. Download the archive to view news and pull in the root directory of the Memory Stick
2. In the seplugins folder to edit (or create if does not exist) the file vsh.txt entering one of the following strings depending on the model of PSP used (only the part in bold):
EF0: / PSP / SYSTEM / OIP / isoctrl.prx 1 - PSP Go!
ms0: / PSP / SYSTEM / OIP / isoctrl.prx 1 - PSP Slim and FAT
3. Press and select Restart VSH

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