PSP 6.35 Custom Firmware V7: CFW for Slim 2000

A few days after the fix for CF 6:35 Custom V6, here is the new release v7. The use is limited solely to the exclusion of the PSP 2000 TA-088v3 (8C or higher), the attempt to install this on any other model of CF would lead to the brick's total PSP console.
Following download and changelog

Changelog, download and install:


.: Changelog:.
- Added support for extra memory and PARAM.SFO
- Added option to enable USB.
- Fixed a bug in the nid resolver, with the help of liquidzigong.
- Aggionrato the installer to support the installation of other pre-existing CF
- Added the function to access the Toggle USB Flash all'UMD by XMB

. Installation:.
1. Download the archive to view news
2. Copy the UPDATE folder in the path ms0/PSP/GAME /
3. Place the file in the official FW 6:35 renamed 635.PBP in the path ms0: / PSP / GAME / UPDATE / (not necessary if the FW 6.35 and already installed)
4. Start the installer
5. Restart the PSP if the CF is installed through HEN

Please note that the 6:35 is the Custom installation on PSP 2000 except TA-088v3.

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