PSP 6.35 CFW V11 Beta for Slim 2000: CFW created by Neur0n

Another Custom Firmware for PSP updated, i personally stick with 5.50Gen but each to their own, heres whats new from GXmod (google translated)

The PSP developer neur0ner continues day by day, improving his standing custom firmware for PSP only Flashable 200X.

As always its just works on CFW PSP-200X with a date code from the 7C 8B, the PSP has the date code-8C are not compatible.

News / Corrections:
- MAJ OPNSSMP option, now you can play your isos without decrypt the eboot. Bin, if these isos require a firmware below 6.35.
- Rename the configuration file in

Do not Install on PSP 1000, PSP 2000 8C, PSP 3000 and GO

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