PS3 PSNinja V3.0: Fake History and Log Tool

Here's a neat app that slipped by us, called PSNinja Version 3 by smokin. The app allows you to appear offline to friends, wipes your history, pushes fake history, and clears your web history. It also makes your games played history read only, so new homebrew that's played won't be added to your logs.

This make you appear offline using mecomment, wipes history, pushes fake history, and clears web history .

It is stealthed as Mobile Suit Gundam BLUS30017, if you play this game you suck....
Its the second worst game on ps3.


Make selection press X


Wipe History- Deletes history files

Replace History- Replaces History with fake history files found in - dev_hdd0/game/BLUS30017/USRDIR/files

Make History Files read Only- Makes you history files read only, games and homebrew ran will no longer be added to files.

Make History Writable- Make history files writable again

Clear Browser History- Deletes history.xml from webbrowser

Hide From Friends- Makes you appear offline even though you are online.

Be Seen Again- Make you seen by friends again

Notes on making files read only:

This will still be in effect after resetting the system, so essentially no more wiping history
ever again.

You MUST disable other apps from erasing history such as multiman, which i use it has a nice
ini file you can edit to make it stop doing it here is how for multiman:

Go to its folder via ftp /dev_hdd0/game/BLES80608/USRDIR/options_default.ini

Open it in notepad or whatever and find: clear_activity_logs=1 make it say clear_activity_logs=0

Save and reload it to ftp and now it wont clear history anymore.

I'm sure gaia and other managers have something similar read their readme's.

Change Log:

Added make history files read only

Added make history files writable

Made menu selective

Added clear web history

Added push fake history

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