PS3 PSNEnabler Work In Progress

Since Sony had blocked users who used the DNS trick on firmware 3.55 from signing in and acessing online gameplay and the PSN store Ive started this project to get users back online and are available to install Homebrew and backups on Kmeaw 3.55 CFW.


- Sign into PSN on 3.55 without Sony forcing an update on you.
- Hide Sony's Forceful Update
- Delete History and logs so you won't get banned
- Allow online gameplay and purchases


1) Download 3.55 Kmeaw CFW

2) Drag the PS3UPDAT.PUP into PS3/UPDATE folders on A USB Drive

3) Select System Update Under Settings on your XMB. Then click from storage device. Click Ok and accept the terms

4) You will get a Install Package File Tab under Game. Download PSNenabler and drag Into the root of your USB flash drive.

5) Plug in your USB and click install Package file then Install PSNenabler. This will give you an application under your CD Launch ICon Under Game. Let it load and it will go blank then reload XMB. Sign in and BAM back on PSN.

Known Problems:
- Some Online Gameplay Timeouts out and Signs out of PSN. You will need to relaunch the PSNenabler application to get back on.

WIP: Download Coming Soon.

PS: Its your system Do what YOU want with it.

Questions? Email me at

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