PS3 Multiman v1.15.00 for CFW 3.55 Wanikoko/Kmeaw/Geohot

Deanrr has dropped a major release of his popular app multiMAN on us today, version 1.15.00. If you don't have it, get it, because Deans multiMAN v1.15.00 is such an improvement that no other BM seems to compare right now. Dean brings to us some very very cool stuff like support for "Black Screen Games" from external USB HDD (via anonymous#3), launching of "Black Screen Games" w/[SELECT+X], fixed Blu-ray to AVCHD conversion, and the memory allocation for Remote Play was also fixed.
Now for the most important line that you will read today.....Ready?....Games like AC1, POP,
MW2, and all which didn't work before, now work! So please go get this, and remember to thank that wonderful dedicated man, Deanrr, for this great application!

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