PS3 Graf_Chokolo Releases Linux Kernel 2.6: Access to Ram

Everyone's favorite hacker, graf_chokolo, has released a feature rich version of Linux for use on the PS3. What's so impressive about this Linux kernel, is the fact that it has complete access to the PS3's RAM. In addition, it features extra debug messages for SPU isolation, new Hypervisor calls, support of several storage regions to PS3 storage library, and much more. This kernel is fully compatible with AsbestOS.

Our favorite PS3 hacker have informed me that he had successfully pushed his copy of Linux repository from his local PC to our server. He never explained much, but we go on to details.

The repository which is based on Linux 2.6 kernel, has several wicked stuff in it especially graf_chokolo’s ram block device. As kmeaw said; “It can read/write anything in PS3 RAM, and very useful for HV hacking”

You can read below the commits done to his version of Linux kernel.

* Added support of several storage regions to PS3 storage library
* Improved PS3 disk block device driver
* New drivers for PS3 NOR and 3 RAM misc driver for full access to HV memory
* Added new HV calls
* Added extra debug messages for SPU isolation

And here are the git where you can find graf_chokolo’s Linux sources which is hosted on our server and maintained by kmeaw.

WARNING: You should completely know what you are doing with it. We are not responsible for any bricks caused by this tools.
Here is a quote from graf_chokolo in

Here is my linux-2.6 git repository with new HDD, FLASH, VFLASH and RAM drivers:

AsbestOS users can use the drivers also. Report problems to me please.

Download Here

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