PS3 CFW 3.56 ONYX: Confirmed Fake

Following the appearance of the 3.56 official firmware from SONY, it is now unable to connect to PSN if you own a custom firmware like KMEAW or Waninkoko must go to original firmware 3.56.

This problem is a bit embarrassing for PlayStation gamers, it pushes new developers to work to find a solution, which will certainly be a new custom firmware 3.56. We heard from a CFW 3.56 Waninkoko but not yet ready (high risk of brick), the famous Geohot also made about him with a new CFW 3.56, unfortunately it is blocked by its legal problems with SONY.

In this line, a new developer for the pseudo EndeverouX, member forums Nextgenupdate worked for weeks on what is called ONYX CFW 3.56, a firmware that would enable access to new PSN. His project is expected to be available for download at the end of February.


The 08/02/2011

A lot of people ask me the status that came my project ONYX CFW 3.56 after two weeks of work and coding, I almost finished my new CFW. It will be available at the end of February. I was working on a key generator for now ... to make this functional bypass the rootkit to access the PSN without having dynamic IP addresses from SONY, DNS servers or Bypass Proxy.

I work alone at home to re-compile all diagnoses decoding, I have two workstations making the diagnosis and disassembly of thousands of lines represented by the codes established by Sony in its OFW 3.56.

I know quite a few people sent me emails to learn more about my CFW, I tell them just to have a little patience please. Work every day on this reverse-engineering and code nights is not tiring for me but not for my workstations that operate 24 / 7. Stay in touch, hoping that I can test at the end of this week the code on several of my PS3.

Thank you guys for your support, stay in touch, I'll let you know my-advanced.

The 09/02/2011

Now and as the Bypass DNS is officially confirmed and patched, I'm working on a solution to spend online without having the OFW 3.56, for more details on this subject here is the link: Bypass patched DNS confirmed

I assure you that the ONYX CFW 3.56 will not be overlooked in light of the latest patch from SONY, be calm ... do not worry, it's a game of cat and mouse.

The 10/02/2011

I had to do two things at once, the ONYX CFW 3.56 and 3.56 circumvent the need to access the PSN.
For the ONYX is completed as quickly as possible I have added a third workstation on my server, in order to help a bit the other two stations with the CPU already working at 100%.

The 11/02/2011

First let me say a big thank you for the support and emails, I took Friday to rest a bit, and I'll dig in those who remain ennyeux rootkits. My new workstation works perfectly, she was able to accelerate the distribution of classes and variables, recursion of these algorithms allows me to better understand what Sony had to implement in its OFW 3.56.

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