New iBooks Detects Jailbroken Device

It has been discovered that a recent update to Apple’s iBooks application has been fitted out with a “Jailbreak Detector”. This is not a good sign for jailbreakers and seems to be affecting users who have recently jailbroken their devices with greenpois0n and redsn0w (Monte). Users have reported that when trying to open purchased books on their device they have been greeted with the error message: According to iPhone Dev-Team member @comex, whenever a user attempts to open an eBook purchased from the iBookstore that contains digital rights management code, the new iBooks tries to run unsigned or improperly signed binaries as a test to see if the device is jailbroken. If those binaries run successfully, the device is flagged as having been jailbroken and the eBook refuses to open. Luckily, comex has already fixed this issue ready for the next release of the jailbreak tools.

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