PSP Mathieulh Found Master Keys

First it was the PS3 that had its master key’s uncovered. Now Mathieulh has posted he found the PSP master keys in the PS3 system. The Kirk key’s as they are called.
Quoting Mathieulh via his twitter
I can encrypt/sign anything on psp now.

What does this mean now for the scene? Well big changes, very big. PSP dev’s can now sign there own homebrew as if they were Sony. That means they will run on any PSP! Any homebrew, PRX, Eboot’s and Custom Firmware too.

Did you know? Kirk Keys, The hardware crypto engine responsible for almost all aspects of the PSP’s security, including decryption of eboots & prx’s, savefile and adhoc encryption, and idstorage verification. Named after Captain Kirk of Star Trek.
Big things are coming to the PSP Scene…. Thanks William & Nizer for the news!

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